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Buddha Statue
Xiqiao Mountain Guanyin of 61.9 meters height
Project name: Project of Large Xiqiao Mountain Bronze Guanyin Sitting Statue of 61.9 meters, Guangdong South China Sea
Project parameter: Bronze Guanyin Sitting Statue Lotus-base is of 14.9 meters height and 36 meters in diameter, the statue is of 61.9 meters height, casted with 2 ~3 millimeters’ red copper, 60 lotus petals are mounted on upper and lower three layers around the Lotus-base.

South Sea Xiqiao Mountain Bronze Guanyin Sitting Statue is designed, manufactured and installed by Bronze Buddha Factory, Guangzhou Lingnan Bronze Company. The Bronze Guanyin Sitting Statue is casted with pure red copper of 2 ~ 3 millimeters thickness. It was commenced in 1995 and completed in 1998, lasting nearly 5 years, and is the largest Bronze Guanyin Sitting Statue in the world.

The Bronze Guanyin Sitting Statue of over 60 meters height is installed on the peak (292 meters above sea level) of Xiqiao Mountain, and is extremely demanding to Bronze Buddha factory’s installation technology; transportation of giant Buddha is also overwhelmingly difficult.

South Sea Xiqiao Mountain Guanyin Cultural Center covers an area of two million square meters, and is a large scenic spot focusing on South Sea Bronze Guanyin Sitting Statue and taking Guanyin culture as the theme. On Guanyin Opening Day, tourists from all over the world will formally visit the Bronze Guanyin Sitting Statue, wishing for good weather and affluence.

From 2010, Xiqiao Mountain will hold “Guanyin Cultural Festival” every year, “South Sea Bronze Guanyin Sitting Statue” has become the cultural tourism brand. After the Bronze Guanyin Sitting Statue is completed, popularity of Xiqiao Mountain scenic area has been greatly enhanced; besides, it also guarantees the safety of this place and brings good social and economic benefits.

Up to now, it has been over two decades since Bronze Guanyin Sitting Statue is completed, but it is still of reliable quality and intact as before. Bronze Buddha Factory, Lingnan Bronze Company’s technical level in casting large Buddhas is highly praised by local government and people.

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